With 20 years experience, as a senior executive with two world-wide entertainment companies (CBS Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment) and more than 15 years as a litigation and transactional attorney, Ronald E. Guttman brings to the alternative dispute resolution process more than 35 years of business and legal expertise. Ronald E. Guttman's experience as an executive, counsel, litigator and mediator contributes to alternative dispute resolution an understanding of the clients' and the attorneys' prospective.

The March- April 2007 edition of The Hollywood Reporter, Esq. has named Ronald E. Guttman one of its "Power Mediators -the most influential mediation professionals for entertainment cases across the country and abroad."

In association with Alternative Resolution Centers (ARC), with its administrative and conference facilities in Los Angeles, Century City, San Francisco and San Diego, Ronald E. Guttman is available for mediation and arbitration services in all aspects of Corporate, Entertainment, Defamation, Media-related Torts, Contract, Employment, Intellectual Property, and Insurance disputes.


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Mediation consists of a process of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party, the mediator, using appropriate techniques, assists two or more parties to help them negotiate an agreement, with concrete effects, on a matter of common interest. More generally speaking, the term "mediation" covers any activity in which an impartial third party (often a professional) facilitates an agreement on any matter in the common interest of the parties involved.